High Visibility Clothing For Cyclists

When most people think about high visibility safety clothing, they think about the clothing that those who work in potentially hazardous situations where to make them more noticeable to people around them as well as any motorized vehicles nearby. Individuals like construction workers, emergency response personnel, law enforcement and even crossing guards. Not everyone think about high visibility clothing in relation to athletics especially cycling.

In 2013 a post-doctoral fellow at the School of Optometry and Vision Science at the Queensland University of Technology in Australia completed a research study about the safety of cyclists. The researcher, whose name is Philippe Lacherez, researched 184 cyclists (mostly from Australia) who had been injured by a vehicle or involved in a collision with a vehicle. Click here to find more.

According to the study, participants said that it often happened that drivers “looked, but didn’t see” cyclists soon enough to avoid hitting them. Most collisions occurred in low light conditions like dusk, dawn or at night. In the study, only 34 percent of participants said they were wearing high visibility safety clothing. Even though so few were wearing anything to make themselves more visible, only two of the participants attributed the crash to what they were wearing and how visible they were to drivers. The majority of the participants blamed the crashes on driver inattention.

Driver inattention may have been the cause of some of the crashes, but cyclists need to be proactive and protect themselves by making themselves as visible as possible in low light conditions. Dark clothing with a single reflective band across the back bike seat, for example, is not going to provide enough visibility for a driver to see a cyclist. The same is true for the reflective patches most bikes have on the wheels spokes, pedals and in front of the bars.

It’s important for cyclists to wear high visibility clothing for their own safety. However, Dr. Lacherez cautions that not all high visibility safety clothing will be suitable for cyclists. Fluorescent clothing is considered high visibility, but as soon as the light starts to diminish, this type of clothing loses its effectiveness. This is because fluorescent clothing needs light in order to work. It needs UV rays to active the colors reflective properties. Since there are no UV rays at night, fluorescent clothing becomes ineffective once the sun sets.

Cyclists should wear strategically placed reflective markings. Reflective strips should be placed on their knees and ankles. During the pedaling movement, the head from the headlights will bounce back off of the reflective surface making it easier for a driver to see the cyclist. A reflective vest is also a good idea as well as having lights on the front and the back of bikes to further increase a cyclists chance of being seen in low light and night time conditions. These steps aren’t difficult to do and can make the roads safer for both the cyclists and the drivers.

As more people choose to use two-wheel transportation, it becomes increasingly important for drivers to realize they share the roads with cyclists. But cyclists also need to do their part (besides following traffic rules etc.) to make themselves as easily noticeable as possible.

The European Transport Safety Council reported that what it calls “invisibility of cyclists” is a key problem for both drivers and cyclists. This is, as just proven, a significant concern at night. But it’s also a concern during the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest and the cyclists and drivers can see the roads clearly.

According to the European Transport Safety Council, cyclists are statistically four times more likely to be knocked off a bike when it’s dark out. This makes sense. But visibility can be compromised during the day too from fog, dust or just the general business of a road. So it’s vital to be as visible as possible anytime a cyclist chooses to go for a spin, even if it’s in broad daylight.

The human eye sees differently in different levels of light. When it’s broad daylight or bright outside, we rely on cone cells inside the eye. They are sensitive to color. In the dark, our eyes rely on dark rod cells (photoreceptors) which are sensitive to light. The cones are located in the middle of the eye and there are fewer cones than rods in the human eye. Rods are denser and located along the outer edges of the eye.

As amazing as the human eye is, it can take as long as 30 minutes for our eyes to switch seeing from cones to rod cells. It takes roughly 5 minutes for rods cells to adjust to cones. What this means is that it takes six times longer for our eyes to adjust from seeing in the middle of the day (or in bright light) to seeing under low light conditions, like dusk. Our eyes adjust much faster from seeing in low light to seeing in bright light.

This is one of the reasons why it’s important to wear high visibility safety clothing for cyclists but also to make sure there are lights on your bike. This is true even in city atmospheres where there is plenty of artificial light giving people the illusion or the misperception that they will be easily seen. It takes time for the eyes to send the information they see to the brain and anything you can do to assist with the processing time can mean the difference between being involved in an accident with a vehicle or enjoying a safe cycling commute or recreational bike ride.

The trick to choosing the right type of high visibility safety clothing for cyclists is to make sure you find the right combination of colors and reflective equipment. It’s rarely suggested that you wear something dark even if you have more reflective marking on your body and bike than you really need. You want to make sure you stand out from the background as much as possible. Sometimes all you need is a bit of color. It’s not necessary to dress head to toe in fluorescent green.

Lingerie’s Coming Out Party

Underpants have gone absurd. The most recent pattern in underwear is to match most loved pieces with a prepared to-wear piece of clothing, permitting ladies to show off specific sorts of undergarments that they proved unable or wouldn’t-demonstrate previously.

You likely don’t have to be a style history specialist to realize that this pattern denote a change in design guidelines going over for quite a long time. Yet beauticians say its a thought whose time has come-and one that is positively taking off.

Case in point, Spiegel Brands Inc. as of late propelled Cami Intimate®-a line that peculiarities five accumulations of hot, sleek unmentionables that is simply “excessively lovely to conceal.” Each gathering is combined with an arranging sweater or cardigan that permits the undergarments to tastefully “look out.” Here’s a more critical look:

– The Flirty Collection characteristics chic, eventually agreeable, consistent cross section underwear adorned with perfect botanical weaving. All pieces are composed with nylon and spandex to give solace and an immaculate fit.

– The Chic Collection incorporates consistent bras, undies and nightgowns that are outlined like a second skin to dispose of underwear lines or undergarments creases. An uncommon methodology builds each one piece to make a smooth look under lightweight, body-cognizant fabrics and sews. These smooth, refined styles give agreeable backing.

– The Sexy Collection comprises of perfectly definite lattice undergarments with overlays of scalloped trim. Each one piece is produced using delicate, consistent nylon, with rayon for gleam and spandex for an incredible fit and solace.

– The Beautiful Collection emphasizes traditionally lovely undergarments decorated with lavishly scalloped stretch trim. All pieces are outlined from delicate, consistent nylon with spandex for fit and solace.

– The Glamorous Collection comprises of delightfully weaved glossy silk undergarments in delicate, expressive shades for a vintage advance. Each one piece is developed from smooth nylon with Lycra for a finer fit and control

Prom Time Dress Rehearsals

At the point when contemplating the end of a school year, graduation from High School is chief on everybody’s brain. The energy of prom is a vast allotment of the general picture. Proms bring numerous choices and costs, yet the memories you are certain to have far exceed any situations you may face get ready for the move.

On the off chance that you are a fellow, a tuxedo rental is not as large a trial as though you are a gal searching for that impeccably lovely prom dress. Prom dresses are an entire other bundle of wax. Acquiring a prom dress is a celebration occasion all in itself. It is just about as though the genuine prom will would appear that an inaccessible dream showed by the craving to be interesting in a prom dress like no other.

There are boutiques that coddle these sorts of occasions. There are relegation shops that offer delicately worn choices to new and more lavish prom dresses. What’s more there is continually shopping on the web. Buying a prom dress online has its own particular set of difficulties yet is a long way from an unthinkable approach to discover the ideal dress.

From markdown outlets to stand-out firsts shopping online for the ideal prom dress can be made basic and reasonable with a couple of simple steps taken ahead of time. Knowing your size is key. Emulating each one locales rule to size is crucial. There will be graphs for each one bit of your body so be fair when purchasing online and you will be open to moving, sitting, and touching base in the prom dress you had always wanted.

You can use boutiques and transfer shops and the significant retail locations in your general vicinity to investigate the ideal size and style of prom outfits. You need to think seriously about your stature and weight. Certain outfit styles and shades express certain identities and it is not difficult to make a workable match when you have done some foundation work before prom arrives.

Let’s be honest you have an exceptional body shape. You likewise have your hair and eye shade. You have uncommon parts of your body that may need upgrading or disguised. A modest waist or sizable breasts are constantly workable into the style you pick and in addition little bosoms or stout thighs. Prom is one time where each young lady can resemble the princess she generally imagined she could be.

Taking what you have scholarly or think about your tastes in nighttime clothing and school moves and moving them to web looking for a prom dress is fun, simple, and constantly reasonable.

Man Dress Shoes – How to Choose

Which man dress shoes you pick might from the start would appear that a straightforward decision. You may look around, see something that looks decent, and afterward pick your most loved shade. While this may work, there are numerous things to consider that may not by any means cross your brain.

The principal thing to consider is the thing that else you are wearing. I know, appears basic, however knowing whether this is going to be worn with business cool dress (slacks/dress shirt) instead of a full suit does have any kind of effect. With a full suit, you need the decent, customary shine shoes to compliment the suit, as that is the look you are advancing with wearing a suit. In the event that you are dressing more cool, as most places are lately, you should think about an agreeable pair of oxfords or rockports. When its all said and done, on the off chance that you don’t need to wear full dress shoes, why not simply wear an agreeable shoe.

The normal individual steps 4,000 – 5,000 times each day. That is around 3 miles. This can vigorously affect which style of man dress shoes you wear, and how the cushioning and insole are produced. Quality justifies itself with real evidence, as the colloquialism goes. How well the shoes will hold up is a clear thing to consider.

The above are simply a few things to consider when you’re looking for man dress shoes, and things ordinary men don’t contemplate when they’re out and choose to get another pair of shoes. Shopping online can make it definitely less demanding to discover correctly what you need at the value you need.

How to Pick the Perfect Shoes

Are you looking for the perfect shoes you can wear this season? How do you pick the right shoes, though? Here are some tips for you to buy those perfect shoes:

– Find shoes that you are comfortable in. No matter how cute they look, if you are not comfortable in the, you will not wear them. And, if you don’t wear them, you just wasted your money.

To make sure you are comfortable in the shoes you want, make sure you try them on at the store. If you are shopping online, make sure you find the correct size you need. Check with the web site’s measurements, to make sure that the size you are getting is actually your size.

– Find shoes that match with different clothes. Even the best shoes will not be worn too match, if they only match one outfit. Make sure you purchase versatile shoes, that will match with different outfits you have.

The best colors for shoes that will match with many things are black, brown, grey and white.

– The more expensive they are, the more things they should match. Of course all of us own a pair or two of pink or red shoes that we love, but that don’t match too many outfits. So, create a rule – the more expensive the shoes are, the more outfits they should match. If you find a $20 pair of pink shoes that you just must have, get it. However, if the pair costs $100, it should match more then just one t-shirt you have.

– Don’t buy shoes that are extremely trendy. While they are really hot right now, they will be out of style next year. Instead, spend the money on the shoes that can be worn a few seasons.

Remember to pick the shoes that you are comfortable with, and they are stylish, but not extremely trendy – those are the shoes that will last for a while.