A Short Biography of World Class Abstract Expressionist Movement Artist

Jackson Pollock is one of the legendary artists that are known as the one who introduces an abstract expressionist style to the world. His works are inspired from the influence of his teacher and also a famous muralist artist from Mexico. As an American artist, he is well-known with its one of a kind style any one can’t compare. The way he paints his ideas through canvas is something not ordinary. It is because he has his own way to perform his ideas like a “drip and splash” style which Time Magazine labels him as “Jack The Dripper”. Some of his works are Mural, The Deep, and Convergence.

Another artist who is also known as a part of abstract expressionist artist is Piet Mondrian. Unlike any other artist in his era, he brings his own uniqueness toward the world of art. Even though, he is a Dutch artist, but he spends most of his career on Paris. But on the beginning of World War I, he goes back to his hometown in Holland. During his time over there, you find out a brand new style which makes his name is recognized around the globe. Some of his works are Pier and Ocean, Broadway Boogie-Woogie, and Gray Tree.

The last artist who also put his name under abstract expressionist movement artist is Mark Rothko. Even though, his true root is Russian, but he spends much of his time in America due to the movement of his family to America when he was ten years old. The styles that he uses to express his ideas through canvas is by using shining color and rectangular as the main aspect of his artworks. But, there is a time on his life when he tends to express his ideas by depicting the world of unknown. Some famous works by him are Untitled, Black on Gray, Hierarchical Birds, and Orange Red Yellow.

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