Homemade Remedies for Salon Treatment

Salon treatments are to be done with more care to make your hair healthy, strong and long. Dandruffs the most important problem people facing now-a-days we should not treat our hair with oil when we have excess of dandruff in our scalp. Oil should be applied often only to those who needs to make their hair shiny and one who have dry hair.

Before bathing we can apply oil with gently circular massage to make your roots stronger and for the mind relaxation especially for those who work more in front of computer or the one who strains their eye shall do this for goodness of the health. Hair can be treated with natural products rather than chemical products which causes harmfulness to our scalp. Indian want their hair to be long according to their tradition even in India no-a-days thought is fading because of the hair damages and hair fall problems faced in larger scale.

Hair can be given salon treatment being at home but have to maintained with more care they are,

• We should know what type of hair we have, it is easy to identify the color but the type is known only after washing our hair thoroughly and drying it. The condition after drying it may be sleek, curly, wavy, short, long or oily.

• We should choose shampoos with less chemical content and also which suits for hair in all aspects.

• Conditioner is the next important thing to be noticed, if it is already shiny or oily hair it is better to avoid conditioner.

• Oil can be applied before bathing and needs to be rinsed properly with water.

• Hair driers mush be strictly avoided because it causes hair damage and increases the hair fall.

• Dye the hair with different color to make it protected from outside pollution and it is not much necessary to dye the hair.