Skin Care Products for Men

Every individual has different skin types that needs special care and attention, each type of skin requires a certain type of regimen to help retain elasticity, firmness and smoothness. If you are a male and would like to use skin products, then it is important to first determine toy skin type before you use men’s skin care products. This article will educate you about different types of skins, so that you can know your skin type and then select suitable men’s skin care products for it.

Normal Kind and how to take care of it?

A person with a normal skin texture is usually the luckiest since this type of skin has fewer problems and requires less maintenance. Normal skin is typically supple and silky in texture; it has a soft and rosy complexion that stays smooth looking and has less visible pores. Keeping a normal skin looking great all day is not so difficult, as it has less problems all it usually need is proper cleansing and a good moisturizing cream to keep it hydrated and soft. Periodic use of a mild toner is also encourage to maintain a blemish free complexion, during sun exposure never forget to use a high SPF Sunblocks to avoid getting a sun related problems.

Oily Skin and its care

This is perhaps the most feared skin texture by everyone, oily skin usually has an over active glands that secretes sebum all the time making your face look shiny and unclean. An oily skin usually has large pores that accumulate dirt which is the culprit for acne, whiteheads and blackheads. Oily skin requires more cleansing and toning compare to any other skin types; as it is more sensitive to pimples, use a gentle cleanser that is oil free and hypoallergenic two to three times a day to ensure that the skin will not be irritated. Facial cleanser with salicylic acid can help you dry acne or blackheads but be careful not to use too much to avoid excessive drying. A non comedogenic toner is also good to thoroughly remove excess oils from the skin’s surface. Add a water-based moisturizer on your nightly regimen to keep it hydrated and supple.

Dry Skin and how to take its care?

The exact opposite of oily skin, dry skin type has a dull appearance and is prone to itch and wrinkles, unlike oily skin, people with dry skin has no problems in terms of acne and blackheads since their oil glands does not actively secrete sebum. Dry skin has less visible pores and is more prone to flaking. Keeping dry skin hydrated and moisturized is the key to avoid flaking and itch, refrain from washing your skin too much and use a gentle cleanser that has a creamy and moisturizing formula. To maintain its supple appearance immediately apply moisturizer to your skin after washing it at night.

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Owen Ormsley guides you through the variety of mens skin care products that can be found on the modern market and help you find the best solution for your skin.