Treatment Procedure of Surgiderm 30 / Surgiderm 30 xp

It is not possible to hide the occurrence of lines and wrinkles with a gorgeous dress or makeup. The age of the person can be determined with appearance. Glowing look can be obtained with a plastic surgery. However cosmetic procedures are more helpful and cost effective.

If you are going through a problem of horizontal lines and wrinkles, inner brow wrinkles, eye bags, nasobial fold and small wrinkles on the side of the lips then you consider having a cosmetic procedure with Surgiderm 30 / Surgiderm 30 xp. Minor defects of the skin can be removed with this process as well.

What age is adequate for the treatment?

Skin starts to age from an age of 25. However the intensity of skin aging is different for each person. With the decrease in the production of collagen fiber, the skin loses its elasticity. Therefore skin loses its suppleness and flexibility gradually. Natural healing process of the skin also decreases with the time. Loss of moisture becomes an inevitable trait of the skin. Reduction in the production of hyaluronic can be responsible for the aging of the skin as well. In this way skin becomes more vulnerable to the effects of environment and stress of the normal life. It is possible to inject Surgiderm 30 / Surgiderm 30 xp medicine at the age of 30. However most of the people like to wait for a bit more. Therefore it is better to infuse the injection between the age of 30 to 40 in order to retain glowing look of the skin. A treatment procedure is generally chosen according to the skin condition and type.

How to get treatment with Surgiderm 30 / Surgiderm 30 xp

It is important to choose an adequate preparation time in order to go through the cosmetic procedure with Surgiderm 30 / Surgiderm 30 xp. In order to get rid of nasobial fold and wrinkles in the deeper layer of the skin, a treatment with Surgiderm 30 / Surgiderm 30 xp is selected. Enhancement in the volume of the lips, lines and wrinkles in the cheek and improvisation on the contours can be seen with the Surgiderm. The effect of the procedure can last for about 12 to 18 months.


Duration of the treatment can vary according to the volume added to the skin. It can be done within 20 to 40 minutes of time. You should not use any make-up or cosmetic product on the day of surgery with Surgiderm 30 / Surgiderm 30 xp. With the help of thin needle, the formulation is administered in the skin. It can be injected through actual wrinkle as well. Volume of the lips can be increased according to your need. Contours of the lips usually brighten up with the procedure. With the help of small quantity of the gel, the problems of thin and narrow lips can be cured effectively. The effects of the procedure with Surgiderm 30 / Surgiderm 30 xp can be seen instantly. However you may have to wait for about 2 weeks in order to see the final effect of the procedure.